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March 2013



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Mar. 9th, 2013


Okay, so I wrote this with a whole story in mind, but this is my favorite part of it. I wrote it first and then wrote the story around it, but I'm not sure the rest of it is as good so I don't think it'll see the light of day.

             Why did he feel so comfortable in the arms of the law? He was a thief, he wasn’t supposed to melt into these arms, he was supposed to escape from them. But those weren’t shackles around Himchan’s wrists, those were Yongguk’s fingers. His legs weren’t chained to anything, they were entangled with Yongguk’s. When he looked up, he didn’t see bars locking him in, he stared into two deep pools of light, which stared right back at him. And that constricting feeling? That wasn’t the feeling of being restrained between four walls as punishment for what he’d done, that was the feeling of being held close, of arms that wouldn’t let him go, of a promise for the future.

He was a thief, and Yongguk a detective. They were supposed to be enemies, yet here they lay.

“You know you’re doing this all wrong, right?” Himchan whispered breathlessly against Yongguk’s chest.

“What am I doing wrong?” he asked softly.

“Your job. I’m a thief. You’re supposed to turn me in, not invite me into your arms.”

“You’re not a thief,” Yongguk whispered, kissing him tenderly on the lips.

“Yongguk, I am. And a damn good one, at that,” he argued.

“If you were a good thief, you wouldn’t be lying in the arms of a detective,” Yongguk teased, nipping at Himchan’s ear.

“I could be out of here in ten seconds flat,” Himchan informed him.

“That’s exactly why I have to keep you here, in my arms. I have to keep an eye on you, since you insist on being a thief. That’s why I can’t let you go. Just try getting out. I dare you,” Yongguk grinned.

That was exactly the problem. Himchan didn’t want to. He didn’t want to get out. This was exactly where he wanted to be. There was never enough Yongguk. Never enough being in Yongguk’s embrace. If he could stay here forever, he would. He wasn’t ready to say that to Yongguk though. Not yet. So instead, he pulled the man’s head forward, crushing their lips together in an urgent kiss that, Himchan felt, should have screamed bitter conflict. It should have but it didn’t. Instead it was sweet in its urgency. It felt like Himchan was trying to make up for lost time and Yongguk kept up with him, allowing him to dominate, until he felt it was his turn.

Yongguk’s tongue pushed Himchan’s out of his mouth and sent him his own messages. He stroked Himchan’s lips languidly with his own, slowing things down as if he were reassuring the younger that they had time. That they were going to be okay.

Himchan melted into this kiss, lips reciprocating as he sucked on Yongguk’s tongue. His hands flew down to Yongguk’s chest, where he pressed his palms against the muscles there. He could feel yongguk’s hands moving steadily down his back until they pulled him closer by his ass, making him gasp into the kiss as his stiffening member made contact with Yongguk’s thigh. Yongguk chuckled as Himchan broke the kiss, panting for air.

“Is something wrong, princess?” Yongguk murmured huskily into Himchan’s skin.

“Nothing. Except that I want more,” Himchan whispered back, using his hands to lift Yongguk’s face, where he kissed his lips tenderly before pulling back. He gloried in the way Yongguk smiled with his eyes still closed before speaking.

“More what?” he asked, opening his eyes to look into Himchan’s.

“More you,” Himchan stated simply, still staring him in the eyes.

Yongguk took his lips, this time with a promise of more to come soon as he pulled Himchan’s legs up to wrap around his waist.

The next morning, Yongguk awoke with an incredible feeling of happiness as he took in the sight before him. Himchan was sprawled on the bed beside him, lying face down with a blanket covering his lower half, revealing his bare back.

For a moment, Yongguk sat and admired the smooth pale skin of his back. He’d never seen Himchan’s skin in the sun before. They’d always met at night or in dimly lit areas and he realized that he’d been missing out. The pale skin shone in the soft sunlight that filtered in through the curtains. It hit his back in a way that made his muscles and shoulder blades stand out.

Yongguk reached out to trace them lightly with his fingers before leaning down to place gentle kisses up his spine to the nape of his neck, delighting in the way he moved beneath them as he finally opened his eyes and rolled over to look at him.

“Hey,” Himchan mumbled, rubbing the sleep from his eyes.

“Hey,” Yongguk replied, still sitting where he was, “you stayed.”

Himchan nodded. “You gonna turn me in?”

“Only if you misbehave,” Yongguk grinned.

“Hey, I’ve seen the error of my ways. I’m done.” He didn’t know what he’d do know. He wasn’t sure of anything except that he wanted Yongguk more. If it meant giving up his lifelong career, then so be it. He’d figure it out.

Yongguk seemed to sense what was going through his mind, because he spoke up. “I’ll help you. You’ll be just fine.”

“It’s not that, it’s the fact that I spent all my time planning this thing and I ended up with nothing,” Himchan joked, sitting up beside Yongguk.

A giant grin spread across the elder’s face before he replied. “You didn’t get nothing, thief,” Himchan turned to look at him, “ you managed to steal my heart,” he laughed, grinning wider.

Himchan rolled his eyes before moving to wipe that shit eating grin off his face with a kiss, pushing the elder until he was lying on top of him.

“And for that, you get an eternity in jail,” Yongguk continued, still smiling as he wrapped his arms around Himchan, holding him tightly.

Himchan couldn’t help the grin that spread across his own face as he peppered the elder’s face in kisses. “Jail doesn’t sound too bad,” he murmured in between kisses.

“Good, because there’s no escape.”

“Escape?” he whispered into Yongguk’s skin, wrapping his arms around the elder’s waist, “I wouldn’t dream of it, detective.”

Do I sense more cheese? Good lord how does everything come out as cheese -__-'

Aug. 8th, 2012

Don't Touch Me

“Himchan. How many freaking times do I have to remind you to do the damn dishes? They pile up every time and then I end up having to do them on my day,” Yongguk growled at Himchan, who was sitting on his bed with his laptop open in front of him.

“Can you not throw a hissy fit over the dishes?” Himchan raised a brow at his roommate.

“I swear you are so ridiculous sometimes. I could kill you,” Yongguk exclaimed, exasperated at the younger male.

“You wouldn’t kill me. You know that no one else would put up with you. You need me, Bang Yong Guk,” Himchan replied smugly, still concentrating on the screen in front of him.

“Fine. You know what? Two can play at that game. I’m not doing the dishes either. How does that sound?”

“You are such a bad ass, Guk. I don’t even know how you live with yourself,” Himchan said sarcastically.

Yongguk had to hide his smile at that because it was kind of funny, though he would never admit it. He huffed out of the room and went to plop down in front of the TV.

Half an hour later, Himchan came into the living room. “What time is it?” he asked, stretching his arms over his head and dropping down to lie on the couch with his feet in Yongguk’s lap.

Yongguk didn’t answer; he simply removed Himchan’s feet from his lap and dropped them onto the floor.

“Hey, Yongguk. Guk!” Himchan whispered. “BANG YONGGUK” he screeched. “You’re not actually upset about the dishes, are you?”

No response.

“This is too funny. You’re not going to respond to me? Really? How mature,” he scoffed.

Yongguk was such a baby sometimes. For all his menacing glares and deep voice, the man was nothing more than a kid. The two had known each other forever. They were best friends and now that they were in college they were roommates.

Himchan’s parents had been killed in a car accident. Himchan had survived it and been sent to live with his aunt, who lived across the street from Yongguk’s family. That’s when the two had met. They hit it off immediately and quickly became inseparable. Himchan spent most of his time at Yongguk’s house and was welcomed as part of the family. It was only natural that the two now shared a dorm during college.

“Yah, Yongguk, if you don’t talk to me I’m going to steal your bed,” Himchan threatened. He’d shifted so that he had his head in Yongguk’s lap. He reached up to pinch at the older boy’s cheeks. “I know you don’t want me to steal your bed,” he said, poking at Yongguk. Yongguk was serious about his bed. Nobody was allowed on his bed. Ever. Something about germs and crap.

“You are SO annoying, do you know that?” Yongguk finally exploded, peering down into Himchan’s smug little face. He wanted nothing more than to wipe that grin right off.

“That was kind of the point, Yongguk. Honestly you’re really slow sometimes,” he breathed, getting up to walk out of the living room.

Yongguk continued watching his show until he decided he should probably get some sleep so he could get to school early enough. On his way to his room, he passed by the kitchen to find Himchan standing at the sink, washing the dishes. With a sigh, he went to stand next to him, washing the soapy dishes and putting them in the rack after Himchan sponged them. They worked in companionable silence for a while until Yongguk nudged Himchan. Himchan nudged him back in response.

This started a little war; a battle for dominance at the kitchen sink. Before long, they were using their hands to push and shove at each other for the space in front of the sink.

“Yah, water’s not allowed!” Himchan complained when Yongguk splashed him. “You’re cleaning that up, I hope you know.”

20 minutes later the two left the kitchen. “There, was doing the dishes so hard?” Yongguk asked.

“Are you kidding? Do you know what that soap does to my hands? I’m going to need to moisturize myself tonight,” Himchan huffed, folding his hands beneath his chin and fluttering his eyelashes.

“You make me sick,” Yongguk grimaced at the younger, sidestepping him and walking to his room.

“Yeah, whatever. You’re just jealous of my manly charms,” Himchan stated, walking into his own room and getting into bed.

“Don’t make me laugh, Kim Himchan,” Yongguk called from his own bed.

The next morning, Yongguk woke up and padded into Himchan’s room to wake the younger up as well. This was their morning routine. Yongguk would wake Himchan then take his turn in the bathroom, allowing Himchan some time to get out of bed. He would then make sure Himchan got up before going to get dressed. After that, they would grab something to eat and walk to class together.

“When do you finish today?” Himchan asked his friend.

“I finish at 5,” Yongguk responded.

“Ha, I finish earlier than you,” Himchan grinned.

“Which means you have time to make me dinner,” Yongguk turned to walk backwards, facing Himchan.

“Yeah right!” the younger snorted, “do you even know how much homework I have?”

“You never do anything for me,” Yongguk pouted, falling into step beside Himchan again.

“Don’t be such a baby,” Himchan shoved him.

“No need for violence,” Yongguk laughed, putting an arm around Himchan’s shoulder and pinching his cheek. Hard.

Before Himchan could retaliate, however, Yongguk had already sped off down the opposite hallway to his class.

Sighing, Himchan covered the pot of meatballs that was bubbling on the stove. He didn’t know why he had listened to Yongguk. Dinner was finished and the idiot wasn’t even home yet. Himchan took his books to the living room and started on his work.

A little while later, Yongguk came in and the smell of meatballs hit him straight away. “Smells good, Channie!” he called.

Walking into the living room, his lips curled up into a smile at the sight of his roommate, sprawled on the couch with books in his lap and dark cloud of hair falling over his eyes. He was lying in his boxers, jeans strewn over the back of the couch, as was his habit during the hot times of the year. His mouth was slightly open and his chest moved evenly up and down in time with his breathing.

Yongguk quietly approached the couch. “Chan,” he patted his cheek softly. “Channie. Kim Himchan,” he called, taking one of his wrists and trying to tug him awake.

“What,” the dark haired boy grumbled, making Yongguk chuckle.

“I’m home. Feed me,” Yongguk smiled, anticipating the snarky comment that would inevitably leave his roommate’s mouth.

“Go feed yourself,” Yongguk bit back his laugh. The comment wasn’t as snarky as he’d thought it would be.

“Aww, come on. Wake up, Himchan,” he pulled on the boy’s hand, moving the books so he could swing Himchan’s legs onto the floor and try to yank him up.

Himchan grunted at the involuntary movements of his body. “You’re late. I made you dinner,” he yawned.

“I can smell it. It smells good,” Yongguk replied, leading him into the kitchen by the hand, “here, sit down. I’ll get you some.”

“It’s probably cold by now,” Himchan mumbled, rubbing at his eyes.

“Sorry I’m late,” Yongguk apologized, bringing the food to the table.

“What took you so long anyway?” Himchan asked, spearing a meatball with his fork.

“I had to stay after class,” the older male sighed, “I needed to talk to my teacher about extra credit.”

Himchan raised his brows at that, “extra credit? Really? Do you need it?”

“My English grade isn’t as good as I want it to be,” the boy responded glumly.

Himchan sighed, “I should probably do the same with history. But every time I open the book, it’s like bam! Nap time.”

Yongguk laughed, “is that what you were doing when I came in?”

Himchan nodded, taking another bite. He was a pretty good student. He got all his work done on time and he prided himself on that. If there was one person who was more studious than Himchan, it was Yongguk. Himchan worked hard and all, but he let himself go from time to time. Yongguk was different. In short, he wasn’t a party animal.

“I’m tired of work. Can we just not do homework tonight?” Himchan sighed again, warily.

“Well, what do you want to do?” Yongguk asked, finishing his plate of meatballs.

“I don’t know, let’s just…let’s just go for a walk,” Himchan replied, getting up to put his plate in the sink and taking Yongguk’s with him.

“You know it’s ridiculously hot outside,” Yongguk pointed out.

“Just a short walk. It’s not thaaat hot,” Himchan said, pulling Yongguk out of his chair and to the front door.

“Wouldn’t you like to put on some pants?” Yongguk asked, raising a brow, “I don’t think I can be seen with you if you’re in those.”

“Yeah, whatever. Pants it is,” Himchan said, pulling the jeans he’d discarded on the couch over his patterned boxers. “They’re just like shorts anyway,” he mumbled, putting on some shoes.

They walked out of the dorm towards the river to watch the sun set.

“See? It’s not that hot at this time of day,” Himchan said, nudging Yongguk and dropping down to sit cross legged on a bench.

“Whatever. I hate the heat,” Yongguk grumbled.

“Don’t I know it,” said Himchan, having spent way to many nights bundled in blankets thanks to Yongguk’s habit of cranking up the AC and then wearing a sweater in the house. Himchan couldn’t understand why he did that. Why he couldn’t leave it at a normal temperature was beyond him.

The two sat there admiring the sunset for a while before Yongguk complained that he was getting thirsty. “You’re such a baby, Guk. Honestly, no one believes me when I tell them, your looks are so deceiving.”

“Because I look like a manly man, right?” Yongguk grinned.

Himchan snorted, “does it matter? You’re still the guy who likes to throw hissy fits over chores, likes the crust cut off his sandwiches, and watches the food network all the time.”

“There’s nothing wrong with food network,” Yongguk frowned.

Himchan rolled his eyes, “my point is, they all think you’re some sort of tough guy who eats his meat raw and punches things for fun when you’re actually just a dorky little kid most of the time. And don’t lean on me, it’s already hot enough without your body heat.”

“I’m not a dorky little kid,” Yongguk said, looking offended, “I’m the toughest guy out there.”

Himchan rolled his eyes again, “come on, tough guy. Let’s go.”

“I’ll race you back,” Yongguk challenged.

“hmm,” Himchan pretended to think before taking Yongguk by surprise by sprinting away.

“Not fair!” Yongguk whined, following close behind. He caught Himchan by the waistband of his jeans and pulled him back.

“Cheater!” Himchan screamed, grabbing at the elder’s arm to pull it off. Yongguk just laughed and let go, running ahead.

Himchan reached their front door just a step behind Yongguk. “Beat you,” the elder huffed, hands on his knees, attempting to catch his breath.

“You cheated,” Himchan wheezed, opening the door and peeling off his sweat soaked shirt to drop it onto the floor.

“You had a head start,” Yongguk entered, closing the door behind him.

“You call that a head start?” Himchan asked incredulously walking through the living room and unbuttoning his pants.

“Can you not strip in the living room? You’re making my eyes bleed,” Yongguk complained pretending to cover his eyes.

“You love it,” Himchan returned, sticking out his tongue, “and I’m on my way to the shower. I feel like I peed my pants,” he grumbled.

“It was your idea to go outside,” Yongguk called, going to the kitchen for a much needed glass of cool water.

Ten minutes later, Himchan emerged from the shower wrapped in a towel. “Shower’s free!” he called to Yongguk, making his way to his room to slip on his customary wife beater and checkered pajama bottoms before going back to the living room to switch on the TV. Flipping through channels proved to be boring and pretty soon, he’d fallen asleep.

“Hey, bathroom in five minutes,” he heard Yongguk say in the low voice that meant he’d just woken up. He didn’t remember how he’d gotten to his bed the night before, but he knew he sure as hell didn’t want to leave it.

“Yah, it’s been five minutes,” Yongguk said emerging from the bathroom to find that Himchan hadn’t moved. His voice sounded livelier now that he’d fully woken up. “Chanchan, get up.”

“Five more minutes,” the younger boy mumbled, burrowing further into his blankets.

“If you don’t get up, we’ll both be late,” Yongguk pointed out.

“But it’s cold, go turn down the AC,” Himchan mumbled. “Actually, just leave without me. I don’t want to move.”

“I can’t leave without you, you’ll miss the whole day if I let you,” Yongguk replied, lying down on top of the younger’s back.

“You’re so warm,” Himchan sighed after a moment, keeping his eyes closed and squeezing his pillows closer.

“It’s not going to be warm for long,” Yongguk warned, “get up now or I’ll have to force you.”

Himchan didn’t respond and a minute later, Yongguk’s comforting weight was removed from his back and his blankets were wrenched away. Himchan howled in response, curling up into a ball around his pillow.

“Good lord, can you just get up!” Yongguk exclaimed, exasperated. He grabbed Himchan’s arm and yanked him out of bed. Himchan flopped to the ground and curled into a ball again.

“You’re kidding me, right?” Yongguk said in a flat tone, clearly unamused by now. “Why the hell are you so difficult to deal with?” he huffed, bending down to carry the younger boy out of the room. “I’m going to get revenge for this later,” he said, dropping Himchan in the bathroom and leaving, closing the door behind him before going to his own room to get dressed.

“Himchan, are you done?” he called once he was ready.  Walking down the hall into Himchan’s room, he found the boy lying in bed again. Without warning this time, he yanked him out of bed and laid down himself, taking up as much of the space as he could. “Get. Dressed,” he growled at a disoriented Himchan.

He watched as Himchan shuffled over to his closet, yawning hugely, and began pulling clothes on. “Happy now?” Himchan muttered, turning to face the elder once he’d finished.

“Not really, no. I feel like I’m dealing with a four year old,” Yongguk grumbled back.

Yongguk came back to the dorm later than usual that night to find Himchan just leaving.

“Where are you going?” he asked, closing the door behind him and dropping his bag.

“There’s a party at Youngjae’s, wanna come?” Himchan asked, bending down to put on his shoes.

“Nah, I have a lot of work to do,” Yongguk sighed. Suddenly, he remembered the hard time Himchan had given him that morning and looked over at Himchan, who was still bent over, tying his second shoe now. He took this opportunity as revenge and aimed a kick at the younger boy’s butt.

Himchan stumbled forward and caught himself with his hands before he could face plant onto the floor. “What the hell, man?” he got up angrily.

“That’s for this morning. Do you know how annoying you are?” he turned to walk over to the couch. “Have fun at your party,” he smiled pleasantly from the couch.

Himchan just gave him a look, rubbing at his butt before walking out the door and slamming it behind him.

Yongguk had gotten a good amount of work done when he decided he’d had enough. Getting up and stretching, he walked into the kitchen for some food. It had been several hours since Himchan had left and he wondered when the boy would get back. His phone rang and he went to answer it.

“Hey Yongguk, this is Youngjae.”

“Hey, what’s up?” Yongguk asked.

“Well, Himchan is…I don’t know man, he fell asleep so I was going to let him sleep over tonight, but he’s being…weird. He didn’t even have that much to drink.”

“I’ll come and get him,” Yongguk sighed, walking to the door to slip on his shoes, not bothering to change out of his sweats and tank top. “Where is he now?”

“He’s in the bathroom. He’s about to leave. He says he’s fine but he kept…crying. He kept asking that you don’t die or something.”

“Asking that I don’t die?” Yongguk asked, already outside the building.

“Oh, he’s out of the bathroom now. I’ll see you in a little bit. I would take him home, but I still have people here.”

“That’s okay. I’ll see you in a minute.”

He hung up the phone and started walking faster. He knew Himchan sometimes got this way when he drank. He would often break down and start crying about his parents, begging that he get to see them and he quickly learned to stop drinking. He wondered what changed tonight; why he was crying over him.

“Himchan?” Yongguk asked, squinting at the other side of the street where he thought he could see the boy’s slender figure.

The figure looked up, “Yongguk? Is that you?”

“Yeah it is,” Yongguk said, crossing the street.

“What are you doing here?” he asked, looking over at the dark haired boy beside him.

“I came to escort you home, sir,” Yongguk replied, offering Himchan his arm.

“Oh really? And why would I need to be escorted? I’m not drunk,” he pointed out, taking Yongguk’s arm, “a gentleman is never drunk,” he said, tipping his head back.

“You don’t have to be drunk to have an escort,” Yongguk replied, “care for a moonlight stroll?”

“I would be delighted to accompany you for a moonlight stroll, Bang Yongguk,” Himchan accepted graciously, making Yongguk chuckle.

They walked home and Yongguk dropped Himchan’s arm to unlock the door. Himchan used that moment to slap Yongguk’s butt.

“My buttocks are off limits. Don’t kick me again,” he huffed, strolling in past Yongguk and into his room.

Yongguk laughed to himself, locking the door and going to lie on the couch. A short while later, Himchan emerged from his room in his pajamas.

“Make room,” he muttered, nudging Yongguk.

Yongguk scooted into the couch, patting the place beside him.

“That’s not what I meant. Can you sit up so I have room? I’m not going to fit in there,” Himchan complained.

Yongguk simply removed the back cushion so he could scoot deeper into the couch. Himchan sighed and laid down next to him, staring at the TV. Yongguk put his arm around Himchan’s shoulder, lifting his hand so he could run his fingers through the younger boy’s soft black hair.

“That feels good,”Himchan said, closing his eyes and letting his head fall back, “I have such a bad headache right now. Why do you let me go to parties anyway?”

“I’m sorry,” Yongguk snorted, “what am I, your mother?”

“Yes, you are,” Himchan responded easily, not opening his eyes.

Yongguk laughed, “in that case you have to listen to me.”

“In that case, you have to be concerned about my headache,” Himchan retorted.

“Aigooo, my poor overgrown baby. You have a headache? Aww let mommy kiss it,” he said in a high pitched voice, kissing Himchan’s forehead.

“Okay okay, that’s enough. Jeez, mommy Yongguk is more annoying than normal Yongguk,” Himchan exclaimed.

“I’m not annoying,” Yongguk denied.

“You’re middle name is annoying,” Himchan yawned. “What time is it?”

“Who cares, we don’t have school tomorrow,” Yongguk smiled, happy with the thought. “We can sleep as long as we want. I don’t have to deal with waking you up,” he said, nudging Himchan. Himchan reflexively grabbed onto Yongguk so he wouldn’t fall off the couch.

“Jerk,” he muttered, focusing on the TV again. A little while later, he felt Yongguk’s head fall onto his shoulder. “Guk, are you asleep?” he asked.

He shook his head and they continued watching the sitcom that came on TV. Yongguk found himself wondering about what had happened with Himchan earlier. He lifted his head so he could look at his friends face, resting his chin on the younger boy’s shoulder.

“What are you staring at?” Himchan asked after a moment, turning his head to Yongguk, who let his head drop back onto the arm of the couch. “Did Gukie want a kiss?” he teased, “all you have to do is ask,” he snickered.

“Gross, Chanchan, you’re going to make me puke,” he scowled, nudging Himchan off the couch. He dropped onto the floor with a thud.

“I hate you,” he grumbled from the floor.

Yongguk rolled over onto his stomach so he could peer over the couch at Himchan, “you love me,” he smiled down at him.

“I’m going to bed,” Himchan stood up, “thanks for bringing my headache back,” he said, sticking his tongue out at Yongguk.

“I’m sorry Channie!” Yongguk called after him.

Yongguk watched TV for a little while longer before heading to his own room. He stopped by Himchan’s door when he heard what sounded like whimpering coming from inside. Yongguk was used to this. He found out about the nightmares the first time Himchan had slept over, all those years ago. Quite often, he’d start calling to his parents in his sleep, crying into his pillows. The first time it had happened, he’d complained about it at breakfast the next morning. His mother had quickly shut him up with a spatula to the back of the head.

Yongguk had gotten used to it, only wishing he could get rid of them for his friend. The nightmares grew fewer and further in between over the years though and Yongguk thought Himchan was completely over them. Cautiously, he opened the door to make sure Himchan was asleep. He was curled up in a ball and he had tears in the corner of his eyes, but he was asleep. He sighed and turned to leave the room, but froze when Himchan started speaking again.

Was he hearing things correctly? He could have sworn Himchan was calling his name. He was right, because in the next minute, Himchan was asking Yongguk not to die, begging that Yongguk be spared, please.

Yongguk’s eyes went wide at that. When did his nightmares stop revolving around his parents and start being about Yongguk? He turned back towards Himchan, unsure of what to do now. The younger kept begging whomever it was in his nightmare to leave Yongguk alone, not to take Yongguk please, Yongguk can’t die.

Slowly, Yongguk walked over to kneel by the bed. He peered into Himchan’s face and saw the silent tears streaming into his pillows.

“Shhh, I’m here. Himchan, it’s okay,” he whispered, wiping the tears away with his hand. He stroked the boy’s cheek, fingers running lightly over the tear stained skin until he reached the furrowed brows, which he tried to smooth out. Once the tears stopped coming and the boy had grown quiet, Yongguk got up quietly and went to his own room.

“Yongguk, wake up, the day’s half over,” Himchan said, bounding onto his bed.

The elder groaned into his pillows. What was the point of having his ‘don’t touch my bed’ rule if Himchan completely disregarded it all the time? Was there even a time when Himchan didn’t get on his bed whenever he felt like it? No. No there really wasn’t, Yongguk noted.

“Wake up, Guk, come on, I made pancakes,” bouncing on the bed somewhere to his left.

Yongguk rolled over to glare at his roommate. “You’re on my bed.”

“You’re so observant this morning, Yongguk-ah,” Himchan gushed, sarcastically.

“You’re on my bed and you’re not wearing clothes,” Yongguk reiterated.

“Uhh, these are clothes,” Himchan responded, raising an eyebrow.

“No, those are your boxers and a tank top.”

“Which are clothes.”

“They’re underclothes. That doesn’t count.”

“That does count. They cover my body.”

“They’re not clothes.”

“I’m not naked, am I?”

Yongguk kicked him off the bed in response.

“Jerk,” Himchan muttered, picking himself off the floor. “And to think I made breakfast for this guy.”

No response.

“Hey, you,” Himchan went on, poking Yongguk’s cheek. “When do you plan on getting up?” he sighed, sitting down on the edge of Yongguk’s bed. “The pancakes are getting cold.

Yongguk peeked up at his friend who looked like he was truly in distress over the pancakes he’d made. With a great sigh, Yongguk sat up, scowling down into his lap. “I’m up. Happy?” he said in a low voice.

Himchan gave him a big smile and pulled him into a hug, “you look like crap, by the way. What time did you go to bed last night?” he asked, attempting to fix the mess that was Yongguk’s mahogany hair.

“I don’t know,” Yongguk replied, moving to get out of bed.

After going through his bathroom routine, Yongguk padded into the kitchen to find Himchan pouring milk into glasses. “Sit and eat,” the younger demanded, passing him the syrup.

Once they’d finished eating, Yongguk did the dishes, because it was his day. Himchan helped him. After that, they went into the living room where Yongguk laid down on the couch.

“Scoot,” Himchan nudged him.

Yongguk moved the back cushion so that Himchan had room to lie down next to him and they sat there watching their sitcoms as usual. They chatted through a few hours of TV, both content just sitting there. Pretty soon, though, Yongguk found himself thinking about the night before. He reached over easily and took Himchan’s hand in his own, intertwining their fingers.

Himchan absently laid his head against the elder’s shoulder, still concentrating on the TV show when Yongguk’s other hand started running trails up his arm.

“Himchan?” Yongguk asked, bringing their intertwined fingers up to his lips.

“Hmm?” Himchan hummed in response.

“When did you start having nightmares about me?” he asked, holding Himchan’s hand against his cheek.

“I don’t know, I –wait, how did you know?” Himchan turned to him.

“Last night. Youngjae told me,” Yongguk replied, looking into his friend’s dark eyes.

“Was I really that bad?” Himchan frowned, looking down at their intertwined fingers.

“And I heard you when you were sleeping,” Yongguk told him.

Himchan simply sighed and turned back to the TV. Yongguk picked up their hands again and gently skimmed his nose over the thin white skin over Himchan’s pulse. He slowly moved up from Himchan’s wrist, brushing his lips gently, almost lazily, against the sensitive white skin on the inside of the younger boy’s arm until he reached the inside of his elbow.

Himchan shivered involuntarily, turning his head to give Yongguk an inquisitive look. That didn’t stop the elder from continuing his path up Himchan’s arm, leaving a burning trail of kisses up to the younger boy’s shoulder.

“What are you doing?” Himchan asked.

“Why do you have nightmares about me?” Yongguk questioned softly.

“I don’t know,” Himchan admitted, “but in my nightmares, you’re always getting killed and leaving me alone, like my parents did,” he whispered, fingers squeezing Yongguk’s hand.

Yongguk simply stared at the expression on his friend’s face. “I’m not leaving you. You’re stuck with me,” he replied seriously.

Himchan smiled in return, “good.”

Yongguk leaned forward and gave him a kiss on the cheek before moving back for a moment, unsure of what to expect from the younger. Himchan simply stared at him. Leaning in again, he kissed the corner of his mouth before pecking his lips and moving back. Once. Twice. Three times and Himchan’s hands were in his hair, preventing him from moving back again. Himchan’s lips kept his moving. Himchan’s fingers played in his dark hair, holding him close.

The kiss they shared was sweet and tender, slow and relaxed. Himchan thought Yongguk’s lips were the most wonderful things on the face of the earth. They gave you everything you wanted in a kiss. They were soft and plush and sweet and Himchan couldn’t get enough.

When he broke away for air, Yongguk’s lips simply moved down his jaw to his neck, moving in languid strokes against the skin there. He gloried in the little noises Himchan made at his touch, at the feeling of Himchan’s fingers tensing in his hair and the sound of his breath hitching, the little sighs that fell out of his mouth when Yongguk used his teeth and tongue to abuse the flawless pale skin. It was all perfect to him.

Himchan’s skin beneath his hands was the next best thing. Yongguk moved to straddle the younger’s waist as he dragged his fingers down Himchan’s sides over the thin cotton of his tank top. He felt Himchan squirm at that and smiled against the boy’s collarbone. His fingers played around the hem of his top until they felt the smooth skin of Himchan’s hip bone and slid up the boy’s wiry frame, making him sigh and pull Yongguk up for another kiss.

This kiss was a little less chaste, a little more aggressive, but just as sweet. Their lips molded against each other as soon as they met. When Himchan’s tongue brushed against Yongguk’s full lower lip, it was allowed entry. Yongguk moaned when their tongues collided in his mouth and the sound went right through Himchan as he sucked on the elder’s bottom lip. Yongguk had to break away at that. He sat back on Himchan’s thighs and looked at the boy with his swollen lips and messy black hair, breathing heavily, looking incredibly sexy.

Himchan stared back at him and Yongguk took his hands, intertwining their fingers. Just then, a little sound came from Himchan’s stomach and the boy grinned sheepishly, looking into his lap.

“I’m hungry,” he admitted.

Yongguk laughed at that. This type of thing would only happen with Himchan. He moved to get off of Himchan’s lap and pull the boy up with him.

“What do you want to eat?” he asked after his laughter had died down as he lead the way into the kitchen.

Ten minutes later they were seated with a pot of ramen between them, courtesy of Yongguk.

“You really should learn how to cook something.” Himchan told him, blowing on his noodles to cool them.

“I’m sorry, is this not good enough for your royal highness?” Yongguk teased.

“I mean this is good, but it’s not cooking or anything. What would you do if I weren’t here to cook for you?”

“I would live off of this stuff,” the elder grinned, bringing another bite to his mouth.

Himchan scoffed, “it’s a good thing I’m not going anywhere anytime soon.”

“It’s a good thing you’re not going anywhere ever,” Yongguk snorted.

“How do you know?” Himchan shot back.

“Well where would you go?” Yongguk challenged, raising a brow.

“Your mom told me I could go back anytime I wanted to,” Himchan replied around a mouthful of noodles.

Yongguk spluttered at that, “you would go back to my house?”

“Yeah. It’s practically my house,” Himchan told him coolly.

“She’s my mom,” Yongguk retorted.


“What’s that supposed to mean?” Yongguk questioned, eyes narrowed at the younger.

“Oh nothing. Just that I’m closer to your mom than you are,” he stated matter-of-factly.

Yongguk snorted again, “I’m sorry, what?”

“You heard me. She called the other day to check up on me.”

“What? Liar.”

“Yeah she did. You were at school. See I’m more filial than you are,” the boy said smugly. “When’s the last time you spoke to her?”

Yongguk acted like he was offended, but in reality, he was more than happy to share his mother with Himchan. He knew how much the younger boy treasured this type of relationship and it warmed his heart to see that his mother and best friend cared about each other like this. After all, his house was the only place Himchan could go to. His aunt had moved away to live with one of her children and that was the only living relation that Himchan had.

“Whatever. I hope you two are happy together,” Yongguk shot back pretending to be annoyed. He would have to talk to his mother about inflating the younger boy’s ego like this. It did nothing for him.

The next morning, Himchan walked into Yongguk’s room to find that he was still asleep. “Honestly, it’s nearly one in the afternoon,” he sighed. His eyes roved over his friend’s sleeping form from the messy mahogany hair strewn across the pillow and his face down to the bare torso. The blankets had been thrown aside in his sleep.

“Yongguk, wake up,” Himchan called, none to quietly. “Come on, Guk-ah, wake uuup.” He neared the bed, getting ready to pounce on his sleeping friend.

“Don’t you dare,” Yongguk growled, peeking at him from behind his hair.

“Don’t I dare what?” Himchan stopped and straightened out.

“You know what. Don’t think I won’t kill you if you jump on me,” he scowled.

“Me? Jump? I would never,” Himchan said in mock innocence. “I was only going to tell you that I’m making eggs and sausages and you should come and help.”

Yongguk grunted at him, turning his head away. Himchan sighed. “And you say I’m like a four year old. I’m going to take my turn in the bathroom and then come back. When I do, you’d better be awake,” he said, turning to leave the room.

Five minutes later, Himchan came back to find that Yongguk was still in bed and he now had the blankets pulled over his head. So he jumped. He landed right on top of Yongguk.

“Himchan!” he yelled angrily, “what the hell did I JUST say?” he moved the blanket so he could growl into Himchan’s face.

“Yongguk! What the hell did I just say?” the younger yelled back, “you’re still in bed!”

Yongguk glared at Himchan, making the younger boy’s smile stretch wider across his face. That was it.

Yongguk scooped the boy into his arms and got out of bed before releasing the shocked boy and letting him fall to the ground with a heavy thud.

“What the HELL was that Yongguk?” he growled, from the elder’s feet. “You are such an ASS sometimes. JERK. Get BACK HERE when I’m yelling at you!”

Five minutes later Yongguk walked into the kitchen to find Himchan at the stove in front of a skillet of sausages.

“Smells good,” he smiled, leaning on the counter beside Himchan. The comment was completely ignored by the younger, who didn’t even look his way as he stirred the sausages. “Himchan?” he asked. “Channie, look at me.”

Himchan continued to tend to his sausages.

Yongguk moved to stand behind Himchan, wrapping his arms around the boy’s waist. “Get off, jerk,” Himchan told him.

“But I’m cold,” the elder whined into Himchan’s ear.

“Then put a shirt on, dumbass. I’m not sharing my body heat with you. And I’m not sharing my food either, so get your own.”

“But Chanchan, I’m starving,” he whispered, lips brushing against the space behind the boy’s ear.

That earned him an elbow to the stomach. “Go find someone who cares.”

Yongguk only tightened his arms around the boy’s torso, “that hurt,” he informed the him, but got no response. He let his lips fall to the younger’s shoulder, moving against the soft skin there. He left a trail of soft kisses up his neck and to his ear where he whispered his apologies for dropping the younger. Slowly, he felt Himchan relax into his arms, felt him respond to his touch, and finally, he sighed and told Yongguk to get the eggs from the fridge. Yongguk happily did as he was told.

As the weeks passed, it dawned on Yongguk that he loved him. He’d always loved Himchan. He was in love with the boy and he was willing to bet that Himchan loved him back. They didn’t need to say it. It was apparent in the way they touched, the way they kissed, the way they looked at each other. It was a strange realization. Yongguk didn’t think this was how it happened, but he knew he was in love. He could never love anyone the way he loved Himchan.

He wouldn’t say that he had fallen in love. It was more like he’d glided there, or he’d flown into love? Maybe he’d stumbled into love. But no, it had been smoother than that, as if this love for Himchan had simply crept up on him. He’d floated into love. No matter how he phrased it though, he thought it was perfect. Being in love with his best friend was perfect. Himchan was perfect.

The best thing about this was the fact that Himchan seemed to be on the same page as him. As soon as he thought this, he looked over at Himchan and the boy looked up at him and smiled a knowing smile, as if he could hear his thoughts. As if he was thinking the exact same thing. Neither of them had to say it. They knew they were more than friends anyway. It wasn’t like they were friends with benefits, that definitely wasn’t it.

Himchan had finished his homework and gone to sleep, leaving Yongguk to finish his own homework in the living room. As soon as he finished, Yongguk got up to stretch and looked at the time. Half past one. He needed to get to sleep if he was going to get to class on time.

He’d finished brushing his teeth and was heading to his room when he heard sniffling coming from Himchan’s room. Quietly, he slipped into the boy’s room to find him in an all too familiar position with tears streaming down his cheeks. Yongguk knelt by the side of the bed, cradling Himchan’s face in his hands. Silently, he tried to will away the tears that just kept coming. He gently placed a kiss on the boy’s forehead and down the side of his face, leaning in close when he felt Himchan’s hands on top of his. Looking down, he saw that Himchan had woken up, but the tears were still coming.

“I’m sorry for waking you,” he whispered. Himchan simply shook his head and allowed Yongguk to kiss away his tears. Quietly, he pulled on his hands and Yongguk slid into the bed beside the boy, pulling him into his chest.

“Thank you,” Himchan whispered into his chest and Yongguk tightened his grip around the boy.

The next morning, Yongguk awoke to find Himchan’s face mere inches away from his. “Hey,” he murmured in his deep, raspy voice.

“Hey,” Yongguk replied in his own low voice.

They laid there for a few moments, enjoying the silence, lying on their sides just inches away from each other. Himchan stared into the elder’s eyes, silently thanking him for the night before. Never before had anyone comforted him when the nightmares gripped him. Only a few had even witnessed the grip they had on him.

Himchan wiggled closer to Yongguk until their noses touched. “You’re in my bed,” he whispered.

Yongguk chuckled at that, “you’re very observant.”

“Don’t you have a thing about beds and germs?” Himchan murmured.

“It’s not my bed, so it’s okay,” Yongguk grinned.

“Who said this was okay with me?” Himchan questioned.

“Hmmm, you’re right,” Yongguk pretended to think, “well. Is this okay with you?” he asked, kissing his nose.

Himchan shook his head, “no, it’s not.”

“Okay then, is this okay?” Yongguk pecked his cheek.

“I don’t know. I don’t think so,” Himchan told him.

Yongguk nodded his head, “well what about this?” he kissed a line down his jaw, holding back a laugh when Himchan tried not to react.

Himchan shrugged when Yongguk lifted his head again.

“Or this?” he murmured, kissing at the corner of Himchan’s mouth. Himchan’s reaction was to catch Yongguk’s lips with his own, lacing his fingers through the elder’s hair and moving his lips roughly against Yongguk’s.

The brunette had to bite back his laughter. “Was that okay?” he whispered against Himchan’s lips. Himchan hummed in response, pressing his lips to the underside of Yongguk’s chin and moving down to attach his mouth to the elder’s collarbone. He abused the skin there, biting and sucking on it before he smoothed it over with his tongue and leaned back to look with satisfaction at the mark he had left.

“There. Now you’ll know who you belong to,” Himchan told him smugly.

“But you didn’t answer my question. Was that okay?” Yongguk asked, pulling Himchan against his body and leaving his arm around the boy’s waist.

“It was more than okay,” Himchan told him, looking back into his eyes.

The two missed their first class of the day in favor of lying together in Himchan’s bed. There was a lot of talking and cuddling, but mostly there was kissing and touching until they decided they should take care of their more mundane needs.

“When do you finish?” Himchan asked as they left their dorm to make it in time for their second class.

“Five,” Yongguk responded.

“Channie, I’m home,” Yongguk called upon entering their dorm. He found Himchan lying on the couch in his boxers again. “Would it kill you to put on some clothes?” he sighed, “you know, like normal people?”

“You love it,” Himchan got up, sticking his tongue out at the elder. “I made dinner.”

After dinner, they were both preoccupied by all the assignments they had due before the break. After what seemed like hours of nothing but quiet homework time, Himchan broke the silence by yawning hugely and getting up to stretch.

“You’re mom called today,” he told Yongguk, falling onto his back on the living room floor where he’d been working.

“What did she say?” Yongguk asked, not at all bothered by the fact that Himchan seemed to speak to his mom more than he himself did.

“She wants us to visit during the break,” Himchan told him, rolling over onto his side.

On the first day of break, the two packed their bags and caught a bus to the suburbs where Yongguk’s mother lived. Once the bus stopped, they walked down the familiar path to the small house where the two had grown up. The door swung open as soon as they stepped onto the porch.

“Yongguk, Himchan!” she exclaimed, holding out her arms for the boys. They each took their turn hugging their mother before she lead them into the kitchen.

“How have my two boys been? Working hard at school?” she asked.

“Yeah, Yongguk’s top of his class this term,” Himchan grinned.

“I’m so blessed to have two genius sons,” she smiled affectionately at them both. “I made dinner. You must be starving.”

“I’ve missed your cooking so much,” Yongguk told her after they were seated and eating.

“Well Himchan’s been calling a lot lately, asking about my recipes. Pretty soon, he’ll be able to cook just as well as I can,” she smiled.

“No one can do it better than you,” Himchan told her. “But I’m not too bad, eh Yongguk?” he grinned.

“You’ve been calling mom about recipes?” Yongguk asked. “How do I miss all that?”

“Well maybe if you helped out more you would notice these things,” Himchan stuck his tongue out.

It was getting late and the three had spent the evening together in the living room, remembering the things that had gone on in their childhood.

“I remember the first time you came over,” Yongguk’s mother said. “Yongguk came in to ask if he could bring a friend in and when I saw you running around on your little 11 year old legs, I thought you were the cutest little thing.”

“After me, right mom?” Yongguk narrowed his eyes.

“A mother doesn’t play favorites,” she told him holding up her hands.

Yongguk pretended to be disgruntled at that, but his heart swelled at the look on his best friend’s face. He could swear that Himchan was holding back tears and as soon as he could, the boy excused himself, saying he was tired.

A little while later, Yongguk walked into their room, ready for bed. He looked over at Himchan’s side of the room to see that he was curled up with his bare back to him, seemingly asleep in the twin bed that had been brought into the room a long time ago. They’d realized that Himchan was pretty much a permanent part of the household so they’d bought him his own bed and the two had shared the room whenever Himchan slept over.

Yongguk smiled fondly at the memories, looking around his old room thinking how little it had changed. He was distracted from his thoughts, though, by a sniffling sound that came from Himchan’s end of the room. He silently walked over to the boy’s bed, wondering if he was having another one of his nightmares.

Himchan felt the mattress dip as Yongguk slid into the bed behind him. He felt the elder wrap his arms around him and pull him close. “You’re in my bed,” he mumbled sleepily.

“You’re not asleep?” came Yongguk’s low voice.

Himchan didn’t answer as he felt the pressure of Yongguk’s warm lips against the back of his neck. Yongguk pressed light kisses down the boy’s spine, moving his hand to gently stroke the bones down his back, marveling at the way they stood out underneath the soft, ivory skin.

Suddenly, Himchan turned around to face Yongguk and Yongguk could see the moisture in Himchan’s eyes even in the soft moonlight that came in through the window. “What’s the matter?” he frowned, taking Himchan’s face in his hands.

“Nothing,” Himchan told him, “nothing. Just…thank you,” he whispered, “thank you and your mom because without you both, I would be nothing. You two are the best things that ever happened to me,” he told him hoarsely.

“Don’t be ridiculous, Himchan,” he scolded him, “we’re lucky to have you. You’re family now. You heard mom, she thinks of you as her son. You have your own bed here for god’s sake.”

Himchan nodded, burying his face in the elder’s neck.

“Why the sudden emotions? You’re always bragging about how you’re the better son, what’s gotten into you?” Yongguk chuckled.

“I don’t know, I just realized that after my parents died, I spent so much time thinking about what I’d lost that I didn’t even notice that you two kind of replaced that or helped fill that empty space in my life. I know why my nightmares stopped being about my parents. It’s because if I lost you two, I would lose everything,” he cleared his throat, “I’m being really cheesy right now but I have to get this out. I need you both to know how grateful I am and that I would do anything to repay –“

Yongguk’s lips cut him off with a kiss, hard and rough. His hands pulled him closer, as his lips moved faster against Himchan’s, making Himchan’s breathing hitch as he fought to keep up. Yongguk broke away, leaning his forehead against Himchan’s.

“Family doesn’t repay family for taking care of one another,” he growled at Himchan, “you’re like a second son,” Yongguk repeated with finality.

Himchan thought about that, letting it sink in. He knew he was being over-emotional and super cheesy, but he had to let the other know what he was feeling. Those things would never come out of his mouth again. Yongguk knew that. He wondered how hard it must have been for Himchan to get that out because Himchan was definitely not the most sentimental person.

Yongguk looked down when he heard Himchan giggle. “What’s so funny?” he asked.

“If I’m like a second son, that would make me your brother,” he chuckled, “and this would be a little awkward,” he gestured at their intimate position.

Yongguk rolled his eyes at that, “you’re not my brother,” he told him.

“Definitely not,” Himchan agreed, letting his lips brush against the space between Yongguk’s nose and upper lip. The elder inched his head up so he could catch Himchan’s lips in a fervent kiss that made his head spin. His hand found it’s way up the younger’s torso so he could place his palm against the center of his chest, spreading his fingers over it so he could feel it’s steady movement before Himchan broke away. Yongguk whined in displeasure at the sudden interruption, looking inquisitively at the younger.

“We are not deflowering my bed,” he told Yongguk firmly, causing the elder to suppress his laughter.

Himchan turned around in Yongguk’s arms and pulled the blanket over both of them, before bidding the elder good night and falling asleep.

The next morning, Yongguk woke up alone in Himchan’s bed. He could hear Himchan and his mom conversing in the kitchen and he lay there, content. Pretty soon, though, Himchan came in to wake him.

“Guk, out of my bed,” he demanded, upon finding the elder awake.

“Good morning to you too,” Yongguk replied sarcastically.

“Breakfast is ready, no thanks to you,” Himchan shot back.

“I’m coming, just give me a second.”

“Good morning,” Yongguk said, appearing in the kitchen to give his mother a kiss.

“Morning, sleepy head,” his mom laughed, returning the kiss. “You’re just in time,” she said, turning him around and patting his bottom before sitting him down at the small table. “Himchan and I made breakfast. You know, I think breakfast should be on you tomorrow morning.”

Himchan snorted, “looks like we won’t be eating tomorrow.”

Yongguk glared at him, “oh really? Well, challenge accepted. Get ready for the best breakfast you’ve ever had.”

The two spent the day revisiting their old haunts. They went down to the store they always used to go to and bought popsicles before heading over to the playground by their house to sit on the swings they used to fight other kids for.

“Remember when I ran away from my mom and came to live here?” Yongguk asked, laughing at his younger self.

“Yeah, I remember. I came looking for you and found you in the tunnel. You wouldn’t come out. I don’t even remember why you were so angry, but I remember sitting in there with you until it got dark.”

“And you finally convinced me to go back,” Yongguk laughed.

“I can’t believe how long it’s been,” Himchan sighed.

They walked over to their old high school once they were finished.

“Remember all the detentions you used to get?” Yongguk reminded him.

“Me? Are you kidding? I was a good kid.”

Yongguk snorted, “you? Are you crazy? You got detention twice as much as I did.  Didn’t you get in trouble for kissing a girl behind one of those trees?” he asked, pointing.

Himchan doubled over in laughter, “I remember that! She thought we were going out afterwards. I had to break her heart, though,” Himchan said, looking smug.

“You are such a little shit eater,” Yongguk laughed, shoving the boy.

 “You weren’t exactly an angel yourself,” Himchan told him, shoving him back.

“I was a great student!” Yongguk defended himself.

“You were an awkward little kid,” Himchan shot back. “You didn’t even kiss a girl til your senior year, did you.”

Yongguk’s cheeks went red at that and he pushed Himchan to the ground, watching as the kid laughed his head off at the expression on the elder’s face.

“You know, I’m surprised we’re not sick of each other yet,” Yongguk said, trying to change the subject as he dropped down to sit cross-legged on the grass.

“Speak for yourself. I have to put up with your weird ass shit every single day. I should get an award for what I have to deal with,” Himchan grumbled.

Yongguk’s eyebrows disappeared into his hair line at the words coming from the younger’s mouth, “are you kidding me? My weird ass shit? I’d say you’re harder to put up with than I am.”

“Do you know how many times I’ve been injured because of you? How many bruises I’ve gotten? You are ridiculously violent,” Himchan spat.

“What are you talking about?”

“How many times have you dropped me or pushed me off of something or shoved me?”

“Well only because you never listen! You’re always doing the things that I specifically tell you not to do!”

“Oh, because not wearing the appropriate clothing for his royal highness is a great excuse for being kicked off of a bed,” Himchan said sarcastically.

“My bed! My rules! And you’re the weirdo who can’t ever wear pants! I cant even bring friends home because I’m afraid you’ll be lying half naked in the living room!”

“Not wearing pants does not make me half naked,” Himchan told him stubbornly, “and you’re the only person who cares about that. I doubt if your friends are any better.”

Yongguk reached over and pulled him into a headlock, “just admit I’m the best roommate ever,” he told him.

“Never!” Himchan struggled against him.

Ten minutes and few bruises later, the two limped back home, still grumbling at each other because each was too stubborn to surrender to the other. 

The next morning, Yongguk groaned inwardly as he pulled himself out of his bed. He had half a mind to forget the stupid breakfast challenge and just go back to sleep, but he didn’t. He quietly crept past Himchan asleep in his own bed and into the kitchen, where he began pulling things out of the fridge. How hard could breakfast be anyway?

Half an hour later, he had omelets on the way. His mom walked into the kitchen and Yongguk was amused at the look of shock on her face.

“Yongguk? Cooking? This has got to be a first.”

In the end, though, she had to help him make the omelets after the first one turned out burnt beyond recognition.

Himchan showed up in the kitchen a little while later, still looking half asleep in his messy black hair and pajamas, rubbing at his eyes. “Morning,” he yawned, and stopped when he saw just who was manning the stove. Raising an eyebrow at the omelet set in front of him, he looked up at Yongguk, “is it…edible?”

Yongguk gave him a look that said shut-the-hell-up-if-you-know-what’s-good-for-you, before turning back to the stove. Himchan tentatively took a bite of the omelet and decided that it wasn’t half bad. But he wasn’t going to tell Yongguk that.

The week passed by quickly and at the end of it, Himchan and Yongguk had to say goodbye to their mother. Himchan had a little moment when he tried to communicate what he felt towards the woman, but he couldn’t do it like he did that night. Yongguk knew that was probably a once in a lifetime show of emotions, but it looked like his mother understood what the boy was trying to say, judging by the moisture in her eyes. She threw her arms around him and smothered him in kisses, holding him in her arms until Yongguk cleared his throat, raising a brow at the two of them.

They walked to the bus stop and picked out two seats in the back for the lengthy ride home. A few hours later, they alighted near their dorm and walked the rest of the way.

“Hello, couch,” Himchan said, dropping his bag and getting half way to the couch before being jerked back suddenly.

Yongguk had pulled him by the waist band of his jeans and turned him around. “What are you doing?” Himchan asked, steadying himself with Yongguk’s arms.

“Nothing,” the elder murmured into his ear, “I just missed being alone with you.”

“We were gone for a week,” Himchan chuckled.

“Exactly,” Yongguk leaned back to look Himchan in the eye and the younger saw the resolve there. 

Yongguk hooked his fingers into the younger’s belt loops and jerked him forward, crashing their hips together. He left kisses all over Himchan’s face and down his neck, leaving the younger a mess as he clung onto Yongguk, who backed him into a wall.

Himchan finally pulled the elder’s face up to his so their lips could clash fiercely, almost violently, in a kiss that was different from any they’d ever shared before. This one was full of nothing but intense desire and Himchan wasn’t entirely sure where it all came from, but he didn’t exactly mind the way it made him feel as tongue and teeth were added to the equation, only serving to make the kiss hotter. Himchan’s teeth pulled at eager lips, biting down lightly and sucking before releasing and allowing the lips to wander over his face. He let the elder’s hot tongue trace circles against the inside of his cheek, as he gasped for air in the limited space.

Himchan didn’t know how, but his shirt had ended up on the floor sometime during all the action and he was working Yongguk’s up over his head. He flung the shirt off and his hands flew to the elder’s skin When Yongguk pressed him up against the wall, they both moaned at the contact, Himchan feeling the contrast between the cold wall at his back and the heat radiating off of the elder’s chest. His hands explored Yongguk’s skin as he swallowed the little noises of appreciation that the elder made, allowing them to go right through him.

Himchan already thought this was all sinfully hot, but when he felt Yongguk’s knee find it’s way between his legs to brush against his tented pants, he couldn’t help but groan and tip his head back against the wall. Yongguk took that moment to work his tongue over Himchan’s neck, lips closing around the boy’s adam’s apple as he sucked on it. He felt Himchan buck his hips against his leg, silently asking for more and he lifted the boy against the wall, allowing him to wrap his legs around his waist so he could carry him into his room.

Yongguk dropped him onto his bed and continued to ravage his neck, making the boy moan and tug at the mahogany hair in his hands because Yongguk was talented with his tongue.

Yongguk leaned back for a moment, sitting up from where he had been hovering over Himchan so he could look at the boy beneath him, at his heaving chest, his hooded eyes and the red marks that were already beginning to bloom across his neck and the messy black hair where his hands had just been. He took Himchan’s hands in his, lacing their fingers together and holding them on either side of Himchan’s head as he kissed him slowly this time, rolling his hips experimentally against Himchan’s.

They both gasped at that and soon enough, they had gotten rid of their remaining clothes. Himchan interrupted their kisses for a moment to look into Yongguk’s eyes, “Guk,” he murmured, eyes sparkling.

“hmm?” the older boy hummed in response, trying to slow his breathing so he could hear the other.

“I’m in your bed,” Himchan grinned.

Yongguk chuckled, “I know,” he murmured back.

“And this time, you can tell me off for not wearing clothes in your bed.”

This whole thing feels ridiculously cheesy ohmygod -____-

Jun. 16th, 2012

War Zone

They were in the war zone. Yongguk and Himchan had fought side by side as they cleared the office building they were using now as base of operations. That plan had gone off without a hitch. The base of fire team suppressed the enemy while the assault team, which Yongguk and Himchan were a part of,  flanked them, using the overturned desks and the adjoining offices as cover. They came upon their enemy from the rear and this was the part that always sent jolting feelings to the pit of Yongguk's stomach. It was both exciting and extremely nerve wracking. Exciting because they had made it without a hitch and now their enemy stood right in front of them unaware that they were being watched. Nerve wracking because they could turn at any second and open fire. The slightest move could draw their attention. And it was always a strange feeling to be taking someone's life.

Himchan looked over at Yongguk and gave him a small smile. Having Himchan there made Yongguk feel a million times better. Not just because the younger was a class A soldier. Himchan was much much more than that to Yongguk. The two had known each other for a long time. They'd done everything together and when the time came, they registered for the army together. The boys were still inseparable now and Yongguk found himself thinking how lucky he was to be next to the younger male now, even if they were in the middle of a war.

"Now," the squad leader gave the signal and each of the soldiers took down their mark, clean and simple, and continued til they had reached the roof. The squads split up now and Yongguk went as planned to the south side of the roof and loaded up his sniper, ready to go.

"Alright Fleet, we need you to get into that building. There are three injured soldiers in there that need immediate attention. Your team will stay with you and they'll cover you the entire time. You're top priority is to help those soldiers, got that?  Stay under cover because you'll be taking heavy fire until the snipers suppress the enemy squads. You know the drill. Now go!"

Yongguk got ready from the top of the building, positioning his sniper rifle, scoping out the enemy squads as they made their way over the railroad track that separated the buildings. The track was strewn with overturned vehicles, piles of brick, and sand bags that would make good cover. He wondered who was going out there and kept his sniper trained at a group of the enemy that was busy setting up their cover and equipment. He waited for the command and as soon as it was called, he pulled the trigger, only watching long enough to make sure the bullet hit his target before he quickly readjusted and moved onto the next one.

Yongguk had finished off the group of men behind that pile of sandbags and he was looking through his scope to find the next group and to check to make sure his squad was okay down there when the color drained out of his face and fear began to cloud his brain. There, among the squad that he had worked with earlier that day, crouched Himchan. He was waiting for the sniper team to take out the enemy soldiers in the front before he ran to the next cover.

Yongguk stayed frozen where he was, unable to keep the fear out of his heart as he watched Himchan get ready to run for cover. Of course Himchan would be the one to go. He was the most well trained medic they had at the moment since the original one was killed in action a few days ago. Himchan was the best option. But this couldn't be happening. Himchan could not be in such a situation. It simply could not happen.

Suddenly, a squad member went down and Yongguk stared, horrified as Himchan continued running, not noticing that there was a fallen man. Yongguk watched as Himchan got to cover and then looked back. He watched as Himchan noticed his fellow soldier, bleeding in the open. He watched as Himchan made a run for it, going back to crouch beside the soldier and as the enemy advanced to take the place of the soldiers that the sniper team had taken out just seconds before.

This could not be happening.

Yongguk made a strangled sort of noise as he registered the situation in his fear gripped mind. The man standing next to him noticed that he wasn't doing what he was supposed to and gave him a shake.

"Snap out of it, Guk, we can stop them!" he yelled, reloading his sniper with deft hands.

He was right. Of course they could stop them. They had to. And Yongguk put his eye to the scope and and began shooting down the enemy, stopping to reload as quickly as he could and watching as Himchan finally made it to the building after what felt like an eternity.

Yongguk didn't put his sniper down, however, and continued to watch the door, making sure no one was able to enter the building. He hoped and prayed that there wasn't anyone in there, waiting to surprise the squad.

"Fall in, men! We're moving!" The squad leader announced.

Yongguk reluctantly put down the sniper and followed the men down.

"Sir, the squad that went into the building to rescue the injured soldiers-where are they?" Yongguk finally asked. It was dark now and the men were resting in their tents

"Himchan is fine. He made it back alright. He should be back in his tent soon, getting some rest," the squad leader said, emphasizing the last part.

For the second time that day, Yongguk panicked inwardly. Only a few knew about Yongguk and Himchan. How did the squad leader know? He thought they had been very careful the few times they met secretly to share their most intimate moments. Aside from that, Yongguk treated Himchan pretty much the same way he treated the rest of his close fellow soldiers.

"Relax, Yongguk. I understand. It's not a big deal. Just don't do anything stupid," he said pointedly, walking away.

Yongguk's feet could not carry him to Himchan's quarters fast enough. He walked in and saw the young man lying in his cot with is eyes closed. He was wearing his heavy military pants, but he had removed the jacket and was in his tank top, lying with one arm over his eyes and one by his side. He chest rose rhythmically and Yongguk thought he looked beautiful as he slept with his dark, short cropped hair sticking out at all angles. 

Kneeling down beside him, Yongguk took Himchan's hand in his own, playing gently with his fingers as he stared at the soldier's face. He lifted the hand to his lips and kissed each of his fingers.

"Thank god you're okay," he almost choked, eyes getting damp.

"They don't call me Fleetfoot for nothing," Himchan murmered, arm still draped over his eyes.

Yongguk's smile slowly spread across his face as he took Himchan's other hand in his so he could look at the boy's eyes. He leaned over to press a kiss onto Himchan's lips. Once, twice, a third time and Himchan wrapped his arms around the older boy's neck, pulling him close. Yongguk lowered himself onto Himchan's body, burying his face in the other's neck.

"Were you really that worried?" Himchan whispered against his ear.

"You have no idea," Yongguk murmered into Himchan's jaw, kissing the younger several times.

"There was no reason to be worried, after all, I am Fleetfoot," Himchan said again, biting at Yongguk's ear.

Yongguk pulled back to stare into Himchan's face. "You're insane," he stated, as Himchan pulled him down to press their lips together again.